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SaaS - flexible way to use e-learning platform

Access to the e-Learning platform in the the SaaS model

Access to our platform, we offer you for a small monthly subscription fee, whose amount depends on the number of users and functionality of the package you choose.

Providing e-learning platform in a subscription model (SaaS Software as a Service - stands for software as a service), it pays to all. Why? You get everything at once:


  • immediately start working with the system, without the implementation process
  • You do not incur the construction costs of individual platform and its implementation
  • use the service within the specified time and for any number of participants
  • You do not incur the costs of infrastructure and upgrade
  • have access to help - our helpdesk
  • access to high quality services and constantly developed platform functionality
  • assured data security, over which we constantly evaluate
  • gain greater flexibility and cost control - Adjusts the size of platform to the size of your training project.

Thanks to cost control, which gives you the SaaS model, you can:

  • implement training, even for a small group of employees in a small company
  • conduct training for hundreds of employees in large organizations
  • perform even short duration training (eg, month)
  • conduct training in continuous mode
  • lease a platform for any number of students

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